Monday, February 21, 2011

an evening class with the world around me

a girl with a flower
she wake up early,do the chores like everyday
day by day,the hardship never made her astray
to God she speak,from the innerself of her's
Dear God!you gave me what you gave me
you speak to me when i read Your words
give me calm! give me hope!
i won't ask for easiness as it make me weak
what i ask is just, make me stronger
just like a lotus
live,struggle to live
in muddy water,no one care
but after every difficulties,there's a relief
indeed,in every difficulties,there's a relief
when the time comes,the lotus blooms
it become the most beautiful and adored amongst all

the moon
since the oldest memory, i can remember
i do love sky
twinkling stars,night sky
give me hope to know God
now i'm a grown-up girl
still attached to the night sky
i see those beautiful creature up high
every time i feel life is hard
i ask to God
to make it easy to me
every time i feel unoccupied
i ask God
for more
every time i feel alone
i ask God
to give me companion
one day i realize
there is a beautiful creation of God
never ask question
to anything God make it happen to him
the moon
never ask God
to stop the rain
if when it is
no one can see him
the moon
never ask God
to push away the clouds
when cloudy night
overlapping its shining
the moon
never ask God
for another moon as companion
even have lingering alone for so long
if the moon never complain
then,why should i?

i open the book
they call it-i'm learning
i laugh hilariously
they call it-i'm sunshine,happy
i help a friend of mine out of difficulties
they call it-i'm nice,kind-hearted
i love to share
they call-i'm generous
but when i stop doing
they call it-i'm failed
i have crystal layers in my eyes
they call it-i'm crying baby
i speak out what i feel
they call it-i'm complaining
it's ok,friend!
i dont mind
but please do know that
if the time comes
i come down on my knee
its not because i've surrender
-i'm praying to God

-intanctz,12/1/11;HS square,in front SHASM
*note:all these picture drawn by my left hand,and i'm not left-handed
**an evening of self retreat,Allah show me to much that evening.praise him,Alhamdulillah~
***something terrible happened,back then.hard for me,but almighty Him.He knows best


dila_zarifah said...

all time fav, Mulan..=)
"The flower that blooms in adversity is the most rare and beautiful of all."

btw, nice poem!
(ni yg nk ckp sebenarnya..=p)

iNtAnCtZ said... fav too~mase kanak2 la~
now i'm more interested to be like Khauwlah al-Azwar..'Mulan' in islamic world~ nice..try google!

.another day of Allah's mercy.

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